Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reset my password?

If you scroll to the bottom of the page there is a “Reset Password” link. This will lead you to a form to enter your username or email address. An email will be sent to you with a link to reset your password.

I signed up as an Actor but now I want to link my account with my Agent

If you initially registered as an actor, but would now like to give your agent access, so they can submit you for auditions, we can facilitate that.

You will first have to contact your agent and ask for their “Agency ID”. They can find this at the top of their Profile Page.

Then log into your actor account and edit your profile, down the bottom there is an option for Representation. Change this to “I have an Agent” and enter their agent id number in the “Agency ID” field.

Your agent will then need to approve this connection.

I can’t upload my headshot or CV!

Our system is currently refusing files that have special characters in the filenames. Characters such as ‘ ; , / etc may cause the upload to fail. If you are experiencing this, rename your file to just include letters and dashes e.g. –

I didn’t get my registration email?

Check your spam folder. From time to time our emails go to spam. The registration email will come from ‘’.

Audition confirmation emails may come from a different address depending on the show, but they will end in ‘’ if you would like to search for them.

I registered as an Actor instead of an Agency (or vice versa).

If you originally registered as an Actor, when you meant to register as an Agency (or vice versa), you will notice that you don’t have the expected options. For instance, an Actor can only have one Talent Profile, and an Agency is unable to link their account with another Agency.

If this the case, just drop us an email through the help page and we can swap your account over.

I would like to remove a Talent Profile from my account / or delete my account:

If you would like to delete a Talent Profile, move a Talent Profile to a new user (an actor or a different Agency) or you would like to delete your account, fill out the form on the Delete Account page.