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Flagging is certainly an integral part of gay subculture â€” a means of subtly and safely claiming ”
I am here and that I’m queer
” without the need to around yourself to the straights. This plan had been specifically utilized in the outdated times (not old days, it was actually just like 3 decades ago) with regards to was not


safe to get outwardly queer. While our existence continues to be “othered” and
in plenty techniques, we have more capability to end up being freely our selves in public areas. And thus, flagging has sort of dropped on the wayside.

And even though I do not like to restore the occasions of queer individuals virtually fearing for the schedules (
though #45 is actually sadly taking all of us there
), i want to restore trend statements which are


. Strategies to show to fellow queers that we see all of them and we also tend to be one of these. Clothes might have a method of empowering the individual — so when mentioned clothes is actually creating an unabashedly queer statement to the world, if they recognize it or not, it really is a kind of embodying invincibility against all chances.

Like, you better wager your gorgeous butt that my smooth environmentally friendly hanky and my vivid red bandana are not simply for manner. When I put on these types of queer phrase, personally i think well informed, more sensuous and visibly queer. It feels as though a type of rebellion contrary to the standing quo — primarily since when I find the attention of someone which sees on my flagging, i’m like there is a secret vocabulary no-one else around us all knows.

Flagging provides an overtly sexual record — typically linked with the days of homosexual men touring for relaxed sex in Central Park or fabric dykes’ going out at their unique regional watering opening. Susan Stryker and Jim Van Buskirk suggest in ”

Gay by Bay: a brief history of Queer customs for the San Francisco Bay neighborhood

your hanky signal originated in NYC from inside the 70’s when a journalist for Village sound typed bull crap so it is far more effective to discreetly announce particular sexual prowess with in another way dyed hankies than putting on keys to suggest whether some one had been a premier or bottom.

Hanky signal
had been the main method of flagging in those days. Having your hanky throughout the remaining area of your human anatomy suggests you are a high, having it about right-side indicates you are a bottom and wearing it around your throat is short for adaptable. As the color or structure are just what indicates your specific desires or fetishes — including, black colored way you’re into
, deep blue stands for rectal, reddish is actually for
and gray implies you are into slavery. This coded and incredibly queer language has been used as a conversation starter, if you will. Putting on a dark blue hanky on your own right side does not mean someone show up for you, extract your shorts down to begin doing anal for you. There are many basic guidelines when it comes to flagging:

1. Flagging isn’t

2. Flagging suggests getting cool with getting propositioned,
getting rejected
, and achieving the ability to decline.

3. Flagging is pan sex (you cannot assume someone’s trash from a flag).

4. there are not any anti-flags.

5. Flagging is actually slut pride.

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“The handkerchief is obviously an item seen as especially pertinent between the wealthy, upper class, and usually elegant right males of that time that wanted and courted females with marriage proposals getting the best aim of the connection, maybe not complete stranger sex,”
writes blogger Soul Train Kevin
. “Gay men rather turned this snobbish presentation with the handkerchief around and flipped the definition and employ by virtually deploying it as an indication to your as well as comers that careless, almost unknown intercourse was actually accessible to all of them should they match up in tastes.”

There’s this term “homosocialization” and really, I like this phase really. All of us queers have discovered some very innovative strategies to communicate together and never having to our selves in very dangerous environments. Locating queer society often is a pivotal time for those merely getting into their unique sex or
sex identification
or navigating a unique city/space. There is something is stated for ways in which being marginalized delivers men and women collectively, in some instances from necessity and quite often because we should instead commiserate with folks whom *get it*. Flagging is a way of homosocializing with which has provided queer folx the capacity to discuss our sex without pity — occasionally whenever each one of culture has viewed all of our sex as a literal criminal activity. Though some queers who’re additionally submerged in perverted or BDSM communities still utilize the hanky code, it isn’t really as widely recognized any longer.

Other styles of flagging have actually as already been bought out by straights entirely, too. Do you actually just remember that , period every directly lady went through five years in the past with painting her last nail an alternative tone than the remainder? Yup, that started off as a queer
femme flagging
But the straights coopted it and so managed to make it meaningless

So queer ladies, it’s time to recreate flagging for everyone to distinguish and make use of more regularly. Here are 3 ways I’m suggesting we can do it!

1. practically begin flagging once again, hanky signal and all sorts of.

This summer, I want to see y’all out with your hanky’s! Tuck them to your high-waisted short pants. Wrap them around the bikini leading. Boldly connect them around your own neck. Put them on to brunch. Use them to Cubbyhole. Bring them to another
queer play celebration

It’s important that should you see someone else flagging and would like to get flirt together with them, that you understand consent is still absolutely vital. Inquire further about their hanky, just what it way to them, if you’re able to seize their unique quantity, etc. You receive the picture.

For full hanky code of colours, jobs and designs
just click here

2. Reclaim femme nail enamel flagging.

Queer femmes
tend to be pure secret. I like the methods whereby we occur in this field — the radical ways we use area and develop brand new approaches to express our very own femmeness consistently. When individuals inform us that we can not f*ck with your extended nails, we inform them otherwise. When people tell us we’re as well rather is queer, we show them usually.

Once we’re told to take up less room in queer places, we find methods to produce space for our very own nuanced encounters. Like femme nail enamel flagging. It began to be anything around 2007 whenever queer
femmes on Tumblr
started to dictate exactly what particular designs, hues and designs represented intimately.

Picture by Femme Flagging Tumblr

“Moira, resting about edge of my personal bed, feet crossed, ankle on knee, within her purple overalls, one dangly earring,

the silver finger nail she used to get eccentric,

a tobacco between the woman stubby yellow-ended fingers,” writes

Marget Atwood in ”
The Handmaid’s Tale
” that could end up being said to be a subdued prediction for femme flagging back in 1985.

But in 2012 common publications like
started initially to create parts relating to this queer femme training — and thus, straight women switched it into “accent fingernails.”

“i am concerned that accent fingernails are way too common now used in an effort to flag femme and/or queer. Pinterest is full of accent nail pictures, especially the ring finger, and I have experienced quite a few directly women putting on accent nails now as well. Therefore was actually everything previously chosen a definitive tone or nail to at the very least flag queer?” typed Tumblr user invertsugar  may 7, 2012.

But I vote we look for brand-new how to flag with the help of our nail polish. Possibly we ensure it is about perhaps not painting certain fingernails to flag different needs. Or we now have different styles to code for our kinks — like stripes for bondage and polka dots for fisting or sterling silver glitter on only the pinky nail for femme4femme needs. Who would like to compose the signal beside me and disperse across the queer net?!
Struck me personally up

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3. utilize pins to banner.

Pins tend to be a fresh feminist style statement containing used our tradition by violent storm. While this type of flagging is certainly a little bit more overt than hanky or nail enamel code — it could simply operate since we possess the ability to be much more visible. If you should be into fisting, it really is easy, merely
use this pin
about lapel of leather-jacket.

Pic by Etsy

Are you a sexy femme daddy? Fully grasp this
neckband string
for yourself and you also could possibly discover baby you’re looking for ;). I assume by using the genuine convenience of exposure, we get the opportunity to become more out with these needs. And let us be genuine, all the communications on these pins is certainly going correct over the minds of clueless straight folx, bless their hearts.

While flagging may appear like straightforward
manner declaration
to a few, it can be a nuanced instrument for queer interaction and link for other individuals. A baby queer in rural The united states could see an older dyke putting on a red bandana around her neck and feel very affirmed in that time. It’s vital to learn about the annals of homosocializing also get a hold of how to carry on it — because, honestly, f*ck normalcy. I do not wish to be normal. Really don’t desire queerness are normalized. I would like to end up being queer AF and I desire my personal guy queers to learn it and to see me.